A classic Viennese period apartment was remodeled into a contemporary living space. The starting point of the project was to preserve the flair of the old structure and details. All original window reveals, doors and parquet floors were restored. The typical old building room structure was adapted to the requirements of a modern style of living.

The kitchen was integrated into the living area by removing a wall and merging two rooms. The kitchen on the back wall and the cooking island have been designed to give the impression of a piece of furniture rather than a typical kitchen. The open kitchen shelves and framed door fronts are matched like the back wall to integrate them into the wall.

The children’s room was created by combining the former kitchen and a closet room. The original ceiling painting of the master bedroom was uncovered and preserved during the remodeling process. A Japanese bathroom was designed between the two bedrooms. The bathroom feels very spacious due to its minimal design. The entire apartment is decorated in simple, light tones.

Status: Completed in 2022
Programme: Revitalization of an apartment
Floor area: 110 m²
Location: Vienna


Interior design

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