The entire university campus of the Konrad-Lorenz Institute and the Research Institute of Wildlife Ecology is characterised by its inhomogeneous buildings. The newly-proposed building structures the landscape, and forms an ensemble with the listed main building of the Research Institute, with the two joined together by a simple bridge.

The project fits in well with the overall landscape. The urban design proposes to create a fitting square on the grounds of the Institute, thereby emphasising the campus as a prestigious centre of learning. This new focal point in front of the main entrance to the south becomes a busy hub of communication, further enlivened by an adjoining cantine and multi-function room.

The space necessary for the building project is divided up between three slightly offset cubes, creating a granularity that blends in harmoniously with the surrounding space. The compact design of the structure in tandem with the listed main building creates varying negative space, and thereby achieves the formation of an urban ensemble.

Status: 2nd Prize, competition, 2015
Programme: laboratories, offices
Area: 2.500m²
Location: Vienna

FI Errichtungs- und Vermietungs- GmbH

RWT plus ZT

Caroline Heidlauf, Lisa Geiszler

Miss 3


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