Austrian Pavilion EXPO Osaka

The design concept is to re-use the disassembled wooden stuctures from the temporary pavilions of the Austrian parliament, which stood in the centre of Vienna for the last 7 years, at World Expo 2025 in Osaka as a Second Lifecycle. The use of the modular timber system guarantees rapid and timely assembly. After the end of the Expo, the modular system can be easily disassembled and reused elsewhere as a Third Lifecycle.

In Kyoto, not far from Osaka, about 8-10t of waste wood from old houses is currently being demolished every day. In the spirit of the circular economy, this old wood is to be recycled and reused as façade material for the Austrian Pavilion in Osaka. This will reduce the CO2 footprint through short transport routes and is also intended as a bridge between Austria and Japan.
The intensively greened façade with rapidly growing, climbing hops provides a pleasant microclimate.
With this Pavilion, Austria presents itself as a leading timber construction nation.

Status: Competition, 2022
Program: EXPO Pavilion
Floor area: 1000m²
Location: Osaka, Japan



SIMMA ZIMMERMANN LandschaftsarchitektInnen

Edoardo Barbato, Matthias Kraßnitzer, Alexander Seitlinger, Birte Böer, Laura Calbucura

Bokeh Design


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