The existing special education school  will be extended with a modern school building that stands self-confident and inviting at the Liiva Tänav streetfront.  Järve school is located in a traditional residential neighbourhood. The scale and form of the extension with its pitched roofscape and locally sourced building materials integrates well into the surrounding ensemble, while the architectural language fosters a sense of identity. The building volume plays with solid and empty spaces to create a symbiotic harmony between the parts and the whole. It has both a dynamic and familiar silhouette. The layout and the volume of the extension follows the natural shape of the plot and the terrain.

Status: Competition, 2020
Program: special school
Floor Area: 700m²
Location: Võru, Estland

Võru City Goverment

Annika Hillebrand, Thomas Kügerl, Edoardo Barbato

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