The school is a simple, distinct, south-facing terraced building that steps down every two storeys. There are spacious terraces on every second floor directly connected to the classrooms and recreation spaces with big windows. The terraced southern façade creates a landscape design together with the promenade and the outdoor playground on the ground floor. In contrast, the northern façade has smaller windows to avoid noise from the railway that runs along the north side of the site. By arranging the three gymnasiums parallel to the railway, a quiet and safe area for children and neighbors was created around the entrance halls and promenade on the south side.

In order to integrate the topographical situation the outside entrance area is divided into two main levels. The two-storey foyer is transparent and visually connected to this outside communication area. The entrance on the ground floor is for the public to access the multipurpose hall and gymnasiums at the evening and on weekends. The upper entrance is used as a main entrance for the whole school. Two main staircases in the foyer offer vertical connection. Cafeterias, creative rooms and large open learning spaces are located in the center of the building between the clusters on every floor to encourage communication within the building.

The school Campus has space for 1,100 children including kindergarten, elementary and middle school, and music school. The campus was planned based on the City of Vienna’s new “Campus Plus” model, which aims to mix children of various ages and to include children with special educational needs into one cluster and promote mutual learning among children. In the cluster, multi-purpose spaces of various sizes are found between classrooms to create different spaces for children to learn, eat, play and chill out. The clusters are also designed to be as open and transparent as possible. Visual connections through many windows around the classrooms support children’s communication. The clusters have no dead ends. Around the cores of restrooms, wardrobes and kitchen, children can run around to find friends and activities.

The south-facing façade has wide eaves and green curtains to counteract summer overheating; these are integrated with the handrails to create a porch-like space in-between the outdoor and indoor spaces where children can enjoy different activities.

Completed in 2022
1st prize, competition entry
Programme: Kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, musik school, 3 Gyms
Floor area: 17.000m²
Location: Deutschordenstraße 4, 1140 Vienna

City of Vienna

General planner, Architecture

SIMMA ZIMMERMANN LandschaftsarchitektInnen


Caroline Heidlauf, Matthias Kraßnitzer, Thomas Kügerl, Joel Profe, Alex Seitlinger, Elena Armbruster

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