The urban development concept is based on the specifications of the city’s development plan. The building fits respectfully and harmoniously into the master plan. The building is oriented towards the west, with a comb-like structure on a triangular elevated ground floor. This is connected to two inner courtyards that open up to the generous open space contiguous to the south.
To the east, the three-storey structure shields from the noise of the neighboring steel factory, and thus forms an optimal sound barrier for the inner courtyards, open spaces and residential buildings to the west.
The base, consisting of two wings, opens with an inviting gesture towards the north, where synergies are created with the Reininghaus secondary school and its forecourt. The clearly defined main entrance leads inside the building to a sitting-staircase in the center.
A clear access axis runs through the building complex as a connecting orientation element. Along this axis, three plazas are arranged that house the clusters as sub-centres and, separated by two inner courtyards, form separate building volumes. These incisions make the school a light-flooded, inviting building. In the inner courtyards easily usable terraces promote communication between the clusters. The staircases are located at the end of these terraces to facilitate orientation.

 competition 2021
Program: high school for 24 classes, 1 gym
Floor area: 6.200m²
Location: Graz, Reininghaust

BIG Bundesimmobilliengesellschaft m.b.H

General planner, Architecture


Caroline Heidlauf, Thomas Kügerl

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