Am langen Felde  (Vienna, 2019 - 2022, Block D, Housing)

The building consists of two adjoining buildings, whose pedestals stand out from the upper floors in terms of colour and higher quality materials. The ground floor zone with its generous glass areas opens up to the street space of the Quartiersgasse to create an inviting impression. The general areas there can be easily adapted for other uses in the future due to the open floor plan design and orientation to the Quartiersgasse. Here there is also a home of the Vienna Social Fund for temporary living. In the 4-storey building, open spaces are only created by loggias in which the colour of the plinth is reflected. The 7-storey building is structured by balconies of different depths. On each balcony, a plant trough is integrated on one side, which encourages the residents to green the building and serves as a green screen from the neighbouring balcony. The main entrance is via Quartiersgasse, a passage through the building to the residential courtyard is also possible. These entrances are cut into the building volume to mark the main entrance and to create a covered situation. On the roof of the 4-storey building there is a roof terrace that can be used by all, which is accessed by both staircases. In the case of the apartments, importance was attached to the fact that a later adaptation or combination of rooms and apartments is technically easy.