Competition Highschool Zirkusgasse  (Vienna, 2018 -2020, with F+P ARCHITEKTEN ZT GMBH)

The listed school building is brought back to life through gentle but targeted interventions. The existing atrium is closed by a glass roof - a multi-storey communicative air space is created above a light-flooded entrance hall. Small balconies rise into this central airspace as a playful extension of the corridor to new break areas. Around this centre, the development of the existing building and its extension is taking place, the new pulsating heart of the building. The two-storey annex in the courtyard together with the listed festival hall wing form a square and lead the visitor to the clearly defined new main entrance. The new structure establishes a communication-promoting relationship with the inner courtyard via terraces. The gymnasium is located completely underground so as not to allow the large volume to escape. In the courtyard level of the new building the buffet, the library and the afternoon care are directly connected to the inner courtyard. In the protected inner courtyard there is a rich offer for free learning and leisure activities.