Compeition Trondheimgasse (Vienna, 2014, with F+P ARCHITEKTEN ZT GmbH)

The dimensions of the construction have developed as a maximal exploitation of the given building regulations. The structural concept is based on a simple cross-wall construction method, thereby allowing for as much flexibility as possible in the ground-planning stage. A simple structural shell allows for a clear vertical separation between warm and cold zones, thus making the low-energy house standard possible. The rooftop is presented as a stepped design, whose structure consists of 50% dormer-windows. Each flat has direct access to open space via a balcony (or in the case of the ground floor, a terrace) located directly in front of the living room, thereby forming an optimal spatial unity. In the case of corner flats, the living room is situated in the corner, thus providing a prospect in two directions. The alternating arrangement of bedroom and living room from one storey to the next allows the balconies to be split across two levels. Each balcony is equipped with a lateral screen to ensure privacy from the neighbouring flat. The screen is made up of panels which can be individually arranged by the user to suit a number of purposes. Thus an acoustic and optical decoupling is created between the open spaces of the neighbouring flats. Arranging the façades in this way, with rhythmically alternating balconies, a playful diagonal stepped design is achieved.