Competition Coffin Factory  (Vienna, 2019, 1st Prize invited competition)

Wolf D. Prix, jury chairman on the winning project: " By supplementing a reinterpretation of shed roofs, the building is transformed into a contemporary cultural center that presents itself confidently on the Breitenfurter Straße. At the same time, the new building with its high sculptural quality finds an adequate answer to the new neighbourhood and forms the gateway to the new residential quarter." A bend in the building creates a particularly inviting square opposite the main entrance to the Bildungscampus, the “Grätzlzentrum” of the new district. This square also forms the new entrance to the event center, which is pulled into the inner courtyard with a staircase seating arrangement, thus connecting the event center with the new quarter and creating synergies. Lofts are offered as three-dimensionally flexible spaces on Breitenfurter Straße, while the wing stretching north offers two-dimensionally flexible office structures.