Competition LBS Schrems, Students Dormitory  (Schrems, 2018 -2020, with F+P ARCHITEKTEN ZT GMBH)

The urbanistic idea develops from the continuation of the building line of the castle along on Budweiser Strasse. The structure is deliberately structured by incisions and thus blends into the harmoniously with the newly created scale into the inhomogeneous building area north of the castle. The first cut on Budweiser Strasse is deliberately set in such a way that it is the annex of the palace building a new significance and upgrading from the point of view of monument preservation. that brings us a better view. In the ensemble with the new building a small forecourt forms to the street-side The main entrance conveys the harmony between old and new. The height development is based on a two-storey central building on the three floors. dormitory wing. With the new building and the existing building, sequences of inner courtyards which continued into the historic courtyard of the castle. Architecturally, a light glass connection to the castle is provided that is as delicate as possible. A transparent connecting bridge that communicates the movement in the building to the outside. The façade composition evolves from the rhythm of the palace, which is expressed in an reinterpretation of this theme. The materiality sets the urban character of the of the castle. The architectural monotony of the central aisle is enhanced by incisions and air spaces. The skylights were broken. Seat niches are provided at these points, which allow the Promoting communication. There are no dark rooms. Living areas can be communicative while the rooms serve as retreat zones.