Competition Hrachowina (Vienna, 2017 - 2021, 1st Prize with F+P ARCHITEKTEN ZT GMBH and Paisagista landscape design)

The project shows a strong network with the environment and distributes the building masses in a very balanced way in the planning area. The handling of the western edge to the open space is solved very sensitively and the existing green area is qualitatively upgraded. The play of narrow alleys and square-like widenings, the quiet courtyards and the base zones create a human scale and a very harmonious overall composition. The widened base zones with different possibilities of use and semi-public, elevated terraces are viewed positively. Overall, the project offers a high degree of flexibility with regard to different types of housing, special forms of housing and mix of uses as well as a high quality of living. The high permeability in the north-south and east-west directions in terms of movement and viewing axes is also rated very positively. The open space is convincing in its gradations of the public, its path connections and the expected stay qualities. The handling of historical building structures and their derivations are also assessed positively. The buildings are differentiated by small protrusions and recesses as well as by subtle height gradations, but still convey a necessary calm in their arrangement. According to the jury, the proposed base zones and terraces as well as the height gradations could form a strong identity for the new quarter as a whole.