Housing Goldegg Gardens (Vienna 2013 - 2016, 1st Prize with F+P ARCHITEKTEN ZT GMBH)

The choice of perimeter block development with town houses inside the block strikes an optimal balance between quality of life and cost. The two storeys of the street-side section opens up on Goldegggasse and pull back in a differentiated manner, emphasising the base and the entrance area. The two-story entranceway leads into the property with a view of the sunlit green courtyard. The entrance area leads to a square that provides access to the kindergarten and other community facilities and serves as a meeting place inside the complex. The town houses are loosely grouped around the courtyard, which forms the complex’s “green heart” with rest and play areas. The long town house in the south responds to the green of the neighbouring property with terraces and balconies. The offsetstaggered arrangement of the town houses provides a series of small-scale green spaces, unimpeded sightlines and easy orientation, thereby creating a distinctive identity.