Competition Gloggnitz (Gloggnitz 2015, with F+P ARCHITEKTEN ZT GMBH)

The urban design is based on the original square-forming layout of the school (excepting the annex in the middle of the front square) from the 19th century, with its mutual relationship to the town hall. The distinctive atmosphere of the square will become central to the theme of emphasising the forward-looking nature of the newly-built school at Gloggnitz. The composition comprises extruding and recessed structures which combine to flank the square. The rooftop landscape blends in harmoniously with the urban fabric of the heart of the borough of Gloggnitz. The new structure is aligned with neighbouring buildings, and a possible four-storey edifice is consciously rejected in favour of a sense of proportionality with regard to building height. As the special beauty of the plot is bound up with the presence of its many old trees, the structure is therefore integrated into the park-like 19th century garden.