Competition Education Campus Deutschordenstrasse (Vienna, 2018 - 2022, 1st Prize)

The forecourt is divided into two main levels from which the campus is accessed in order to integrate the topographical conditions into the overall concept of the educational campus in the best possible way. Simple, clear, south-facing, terraced structure that steps down two storeys. Every second level there is a spacious terrace. The northern façade gets its three-dimensional meander-like character through incisions. The centre is formed around a terrace with dining rooms and creative areas to promote communication. The incisions offer façade surfaces that allow direct ventilation from the side facing away from the track. The two-storey foyer is accessed via a generous, clear and easily orientated entrance. In total, there are two main entrances which are connected by an airspace. From this foyer, two clear, easily located staircase cores vertically open up the campus building. These cores are always directly connected to the beaver and other creative rooms or dining rooms. Everything is easily accessible in a short and simple way.