Alpenmilch (Salzburg 2005, 1st Prize with gharakhanzadeh sandbichler architekten zt gmbh) 

Urbanistically the new masterplan for the “Science City” continues and forms the beginning of the new district. Excerpt from the jury’s protocol: “Architecturally and urbanistically the rather problematic high storage bay with its big volume is well set in its surroundings. Through the smart arrangement of the storehouse for the packaging materials along “Schillerstraße” with its low cornice of 12m and by pushing back the volume of the 18m high storage bay, the architects manage to react sensitively to the development on the south side and to the further urban environment. The grouping of “animated” functional spaces on the northern and southern ends of the building and the arrangement of the windows promise an artistically differentiated appearance that becomes urbanistic when used towards the “Schillerstraße”. The impact is light and contextual.”